Jocelyn Arndt crafts songs that evoke breathtaking emotion. Through a near perfect combination of melody and lyric, Jocelyn’s music connects with her audience in a way that is intimate, personal, and truly memorable.

Jocelyn and her brother and co-writer Christian, the duo began to reach out past their living room practice space, playing anywhere they could find permission and a power outlet. While Jocelyn began to develop her own distinctive singing style, Chris’s guitar skills flourished, aided heavily by the inspiration they both drew from the great voices and players they’d grown up listening to on classic rock stations and through their parents’ bottomless cd collection.

Soon the two began writing original music, combining an affinity for retro grooves and classic rock moves with a unique, modern twist that remains surprisingly relatable.  The results are stunning, mature, multifaceted songs with timeless energy and a tendency toward the heart.

Today their blend of complex texture and immense broad-genre appeal create marketability that is worlds beyond ordinary. With songs that conjure a unique emotional path that winds effortlessly through blues-inspired contemporary-alternative tempered with elements of jazz and world music, always anchored by Jocelyn’s captivating vocals.

Just listen…


Gotta Love Summer

Soft serve. Watermelon. Concerts. Corn on the cob. Barbecue. More concerts. If you guessed that music and food are t ...

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“The first moment of a Jocelyn Arndt performance is probably the most striking for those who have never her heard her live. The young woman fronting the band unleashes such a powerful range of emotion, intensity, and power, it’s truly jaw-dropping. “

Tom Partington – don411.com