Simply put, Jocelyn Arndt is a devastatingly powerful performer.  

Her combination of voice, emotion, and raw intensity, connects with her audience in a manner that is truly organic, personal, and deeply real.  

She is unforgettable. 

Co-writing with her brother and guitar player Chris, the duo along with their band, combine an imploring style with elements of blues, indie-rock, and jazz, to create music that is worlds beyond ordinary.

But regardless of style and approach, it is always the intimacy of Jocelyn’s voice combined with the retro approach of Chris’s guitar work that makes their music and live performances amazing.  


As siblings growing up in upstate New York, Jocelyn and her brother and co-writer Christian, began to reach out past their living room practice space, playing anywhere they could find permission and a power outlet. While Jocelyn began to develop her own distinctive singing style, Chris’s guitar skills flourished, aided heavily by the inspiration they both drew from the great voices and players they’d grown up listening to on classic rock stations and through their parents’ bottomless CD collection.

Soon the two began writing original music, combining an affinity for retro grooves and classic rock sensibility with a unique, not-so-modern twist that somehow remains surprisingly relatable. The results are stunning, mature, multifaceted songs with timeless, intense energy, sensuality, and passion.

Each song takes ahold of you and makes you feel something.

At the same time the duo also excelled in school, with Jocelyn earning the position as Salutatorian and Chris Valedictorian a year later. As a result the siblings both earned scholarships to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts where they both attend school around a very aggressive touring and performance schedule.

Today their blend of complex texture and immense broad-genre appeal create powerful marketability. Their debut EP “Strangers In Fairyland” was released in October 2014 to critical acclaim. A followup original Holiday Song “Still” was digitally released in December of the same year charting in the 20s on iTunes Christmas charts. Most recently the duo released “Here To Stay”, a retro-swing-infused love song featuring Danny Louis of Gov’t Mule on keys and legendary Jazz Vibraphone player Tony Miceli.

Jocelyn and Chris along with their band have performed across the country including repeat appearances at The Bitter End in NYC, Acme Feed & Seed in Nashville, and at The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. They’ve also appeared live on Fox-TVs “Good Day New York” and Chattanooga, Tennessee’s “Weekend Today”. Work has begun on a full-length album with a planned release for late summer 2015. In January, Jocelyn was in Muscle Shoals Alabama tracking vocals for the albums lead-off track titled “Hot” at the famous “Fame Studios”.

With songs that conjure a unique emotional and personal path for each listener while winding effortlessly through blues-inspired indie rock tempered with elements of jazz and world music, there is one thing that is always centering the listener...one thing that continues to bring the listener back…and one reason the music becomes unforgettable.

That one thing is Jocelyn Arndt.

Just listen…


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Jocelyn Arndt has a new take on the Fiona Apple bluesy sound. She is definitely an artist to watch in 2015.

-Michelle Miller Acme Feed & Seed Nashville TN

Jocelyn Arndt ..you and your band are over the top both in talent and professionalism. Chattanooga responded to one of the best live local shows Sugar’s venue has ever experienced. Backed by the passion of your performance and the solid elite musicians accompanying you, today you rocked this city and all to be remembered for a long time.

-Mark A Herndon, President, Chattanooga Live Music, Chattanooga TN

Your songs, band, and performance created pin drop moments! Jocelyn’s voice reverberating through the room literally stopped people in their tracks. Come back soon!

-Brent Kirby, Brothers Lounge, Cleveland OH

The first moment of a Jocelyn Arndt performance is probably the most striking for those who have never her heard her live. The young woman fronting the band unleashes such a powerful range of emotion, intensity, and power, it’s truly jaw-dropping.

-Tom Partington – don411.com