Devastatingly powerful vocals driven by full-throttle, retro-rock guitar: Meet sibling rockers Jocelyn and Chris Arndt.

CMJ Official Showcase Artist of 2015, and named #12 on Planet Stereo’s list of “100 Artists You Must Hear in 2015,” Jocelyn, 21, and Chris, 19, along with their band have logged more than 100 performances this year including stops at The Sundance Film Festival, Mountain Jam Music Festival, and television appearances in New York, Tennessee, Virginia, and California.

Recent press coverage includes:  

“The young woman fronting the band unleashes such a powerful range of emotion, intensity, and power, it’s truly jaw dropping.” - Don411 

“They offer a dynamic blue rock romp that at times sounds murderous and other times jubilant.”  -Glide Magazine 

"Jocelyn performed like an unholy union of Amy Winehouse and Hannah Montana; Chris combined Hendrix with John Mayer. Their appearance belied the intensity with which they played; their show was like walking into a theatre expecting a Disney classic and finding a Quentin Tarantino flick instead." - New Haven Independent

“A gorgeous mixture of classic rock and contemporary indie energy”  - Joonbug.com 

“The club doesn’t always get artists who play Sundance or share the stage with The Black Keys, Grace Potter, Gov’t Mule, and Robert Plant but Jocelyn and Chris Arndt are the exception.” 
- Cambridge Day 

New York Scene Report sums it up with “The Arndts sound like they were raised on 60’s rock records, and would enjoy having a drink with the ghost of Janice Joplin.”

Jocelyn and Chris Arndt’s new full-length album “Edges” features their band and notable players including Gov’t Mule’s Danny Louis on keys along with several additional special guests soon to be announced.  

-Here's The Story...

Here's The Story...

Combine a brother-sister writing team backed by a killer band, playlist adds on more than 100 college radio stations, television appearances in New York, Virginia, and Tennessee, more than 200 pieces of unique press in 2015, fueled by original songs that conjure an amazing blend of classic blues rock and hook driven indie energy... then throw in a couple of scholarships to Harvard University! Meet Jocelyn and Chris Arndt.

Some Background:

Growing up in rural Central New York (Fort Plain to be exact) Jocelyn and Chris's home community offered the siblings a limited pallet of things to do around town. The bowling alley was full of old people, the convenience store in town did have the best breakfast pizza on the planet, but if you didn't get there early it was sadly all gone and replaced by hot dogs even though it was way to early for lunch. So when their parents, who are both educators decided to let the kids try musical instruments, the duo prepared to do battle. Both Jocelyn and Chris absolutely wanted to play piano. They were both convinced after all, that piano was the only "cool" instrument. Their parents already had a piano and therefore it must be cool and even if it wasn't cool, it was clear in their young minds that whichever of them got to play piano would most certainly become the favorite child... or so they thought. Ultimately however, since Jocelyn was a year older than her brother, she got first choice... and piano it was! Poor Chris was left with guitar... loud, hard to figure out guitar.

Fast forward just a bit to an elementary school talent show. The siblings had put aside their piano battle scars and had begun playing music together. Strangely it wasn't music from their era, it was music by bands like Led Zeppelin. Their friends thought they were... well, weird, but their parents LOVED it! As Jocelyn and Chris prepared to play in an auditorium full of parents and their peers, there was something missing... their singer.

Turns out the singer had gotten cold feet and no-showed. How could they do Stairway To Heaven with no singer?!! Well in an effort to save the day (and maybe make up for any left over bad feelings from her piano battle win) Jocelyn decided she would try to sing the song. What happened that night was absolutely amazing. It wasn't perfect, there were a couple of mistakes, but it was clear that the duo had unique and extraordinary talent.

and... Jocelyn and Chris were hooked!

Today Jocelyn and Chris Arndt write, record, and perform coast to coast. Jocelyn's supercharged voice has become a huge draw to audiences while at 19, Chris's melodic and soulful approach to guitar suggests maturity and tastefulness that alludes many players throughout a lifetime. Together, they are two of the most compelling rock performers anywhere. Don't miss an opportunity to see them play... you will never forget the experience.

Just listen...